Homework Guidelines

These homework guidelines were developed by the Administrative Cabinet consisting of the district principals, assistant principals, curriculum supervisors and curriculum directors, with the input of teachers and parents of the Curriculum Committee. 

Homework shall be assigned as reinforcement of class instruction. It shall be of quality and relevance to the subject matter, and further the student’s comprehension. Assignments must adhere to the following guidelines: 
  • Homework should be tied to the curriculum and to a student’s instructional level with consideration of the student’s ability;
  • Homework should have explicit directions and timelines;
  • Homework should be designed to review materials and to reinforce skills and materials taught in class, to prepare for an upcoming class topic, to extend or generalize concepts or skills learned from familiar to new situations, and to offer opportunity for the student to integrate, extend or creatively apply skills already learned;
  • Homework may not be used as a punitive measure;
  • Homework should be reviewed in school to correct and reinforce appropriate learning.

A teacher typically assigns homework 3 to 5 days per week. Developmental, achievement, and ability differences among students all impact the actual time students may spend on assignments. Long-term tasks require additional time management skills. (See Board Policy #2330 for the Policy parameters that frame these guidelines.)


Kindergarten Varied formal and informal assignments
Grade 1 10-15 minutes per day
Grade 2 15-30 minutes per day
Grade 3 20-40 minutes per day
Grade 4 30-50 minutes per day
Grade 5 40-60 minutes per day

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