Discipline Guidelines


Teachers set down some basic general rules of behavior, such as: follow directions; raise hand before speaking; stay in seat; keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself; no foul language or teasing. Rules are enforced quickly and consistently. Disruptions are not ignored. A warning or consequence will be given. Parent/Teacher conferences may be requested. After several warnings and parent contact, the student's behavior will be brought to the attention of the principal/assistant principal. In cases of severe disruption, the student is sent immediately to the principal/assistant principal. The principal/assistant principal and teachers will decide together on what is to be done with students who are sent to the office. Parents will be notified of serious misconduct and the consequences for this inappropriate behavior.

Intervention Options

In cases when serious misconduct has occurred, one of the following options will be used by the principal/assistant principal:

  • During the school day, a student may be removed from his/her classroom for serious misconduct and placed on in-school suspension until such time as the parent can be informed of the incident.
  • If a student's actions warrant being assigned to a full day of in-school or out-of school suspension, parents will be informed at least the day before the assigned suspension is scheduled to take place.
  • In the event it is decided that a student will be kept after school for detention, parents will be notified at least the day before the assigned detention. Parents will be responsible for transporting the child home after detention.

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