Grade 3 Links


Google Classroom

Typing Club

Hour of Code


Safe Search ThingLink



Meteor Multiplication                                  

Lemonade Stand                                        

Math Baseball- Addition                 

BlackDog's Time Clock Game

Online Math Games

Math Games

Tangram Game   

Another Tangram Game

Penguin Jump                      

Quilt Blocks                                                  

Who Wants Pizza?                                     

Online spinner and dice                            

Decimal Squares Interactive Games

Decimals: AAA Math                                  

Zig Zag Game


Why Can't I Win?                                        

Place values

Bug Coordinates                                         

What are my Chances?

Dino Dig                                                       

Demolition Division                                    

Grand Prix Multiplication


Social Studies

Ben's Guide to Government

Types of Communities

City, Suburb, and Urban Communities

Counties Work- iCivics


Butterfly Life Cycle                                     

The Bronx Zoo

Butterflies (Enchanted Learning)                            

Pond Crossword Puzzle                          

Classify Animals                                                  

Endangered Animals- Shepard Software

Species in Pieces                                                                   

Animal Quiz Game                             

Wild Games